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Started by kungfucharly, Mar 11, 2023, 07:49 PM

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kungfucharlyTopic starter

Hello everyone!

Does anybody know how to increase the number of heads that can be referred to when starting a new instance of the game.

So after I have created more heads, I want to be able to tell the base programme to choose a random head from "F_Head0" to "F_Head149" for example, instead of only to "F_Head99".

Many thanks!


If they follow the correct format, covering all numbers to that point, you can increase the max index in Debug > GlobalVariables > MaxHeadIndex (or edit the GlobalVariables .xml for new games).

⚧ Squark

This is a good thing. I've always felt that the game could do with more heads.

kungfucharlyTopic starter

I have discovered a Paperdoll_MaxHeadImageIndex HTML file in the GlobalVariables folder of the release which could do the job if the default value of "99" is increased?


For new games yes, for existing change it under Debug > Global Variables.

Keep in mind that I think it's shared between students & adults, so both need same head count.
If one has less you can just duplicate existing heads with higher numbers.

Current hair colour checks rely on hardcoded numbers, but those aren't used for much anyway.