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Unicorn Mod (change more girls into virgin).

Started by Mirarara, Sep 17, 2023, 01:00 PM

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MirararaTopic starter

Turn more girls into virgin (tested on v0.3, should works on v0.2)!

1) Put this mod into mod folder.
2) Activate the mod.
3) Load your game or use a new game, the mod should be activated after you go into girl screen and click back.
4) Go into mod setting and adjust the rate of virgin generation.

The mod will convert girls (your girls, market, free girls) into virgin everyday (but only once for each girl). You can adjust how many percent of the girl should be turned into virgin, should their sex skill be reset after conversion, and maximum sex skill to disallow conversion. For girls that's already virgin, this mod will add a random positive trait instead.