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[Resources] Trait King mod

Started by neronero, May 16, 2022, 08:26 PM

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Quote from: neronero on Jul 27, 2022, 01:02 PM
  • Nerf "In demand" by making it have a smaller effect on the girl price
  • Nerf "In demand" by making it occur less frequently
I don't know how "in demand" mechanic work, I can assume that the most popular girl (or 2 girls) is taken and this trait is hung on them. I used this mechanic only as a way to not go bankrupt. Or in order not to go bankrupt when moving to a new brothel. The guild girl is a very awkward mechanic to play.
Ideally, make 200% of the price, not 400%
In my understanding, it would be better for a girl to bring income steadily (several thousand per shift) than to get 70,000+ at a time and train a new (or several) girl/s.
And as far as I noticed in demand appears once a month or even less often. Already quite rare. And it can be used effectively only at the very beginning when money is scarce.
Quote from: neronero on Jul 27, 2022, 01:02 PM
  • Nerf "Princess" and "Noble" by making the valuation effect slowly reduce in strength as their rank increases
  • Nerf "Princess" and "Noble" girls by making them more of a pain in the ass to sell. Eg: They could have a small chance to write letters of protest to the slavers guild, causing them to temporarily become unsellable (in terms of game mechanics, they would temporarily become "free" girls in your employ)
These girls are not for the start of the game. At least some benefit from them will be starting from 4-5 chapters. Before that, even getting them to work is problematic.
For the game year (stably looking at the slave market) I saw the princess only 1 time. And what's the funniest thing she was with the trait "mind fucked"(is that how it should be? or am I lucky?) ;D  ;D
That is, by themselves, such girls are rare. And if they also have very negative other traits, it makes no sense to take them.
It is possible to make them generally unavailable for sale, as free girls. +1000 princess value and +500 noble value is too much in the long run. And if they also get "in demand", then there will be absolutely incredible selling price.


I concur that, if anything, the valuation on 'In Demand' is maybe a bit too high. I like it as a mechanic - it encourages cycling girls out, and doesn't have onerous demands like perfecting monthly contracts does - but the raw cash influx can be a bit silly.

Hitting it on a Princess is like winning the lotto, though, and I don't see a huge problem with that.