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Mark a girl as a significant interest

Started by advancedas, Feb 10, 2024, 07:54 AM

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advancedasTopic starter


When playing Brothel King I can't keep from noticing that I always pick a girl that I like the most over the others and focus interactions/training on her.

However, she does hardly receive any events (unless randomly game chooses her) and there is little interaction between her and me on a random level.

I wanted to suggest, if someone could make a mod, or Goldo could implement this in the next update of the game, so that I could mark a girl as a significant interest. This in turn would make her receive more random events over the other girls in the brothel. Also, perhaps there could be a bonus when having a single girl in your bedroom at a time? Perhaps love increase each day?

I know that there are not too many random events that could occur, but events where she comes to the bedroom, asks to sleep with you cause she is afraid I especially like, maybe create other events where girls are picking on her if she has timid personality type. Or customer wants to beat her up/rape. She screams for help. Or she wants for you to massage her after a long day at work. More personalized events.

Of course if we could go further, it would be amazing if you could marry one of your girls if you would like to. This could show a special icon next to her thumbnail image.

What do you guys think? Maybe you have something to add or any more ideas? Would something like this be possible?