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[Resources] GIrl pack maker resource thread

Started by Leortha, May 18, 2022, 01:11 PM

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LeorthaTopic starter

Here are some of the resources that I use to make girl packs.  Anyone else feel free to add theirs.  I'll update the list.

Image Websites
Boorus  Booru.  No idea how it gets populated. R34 Booru R34 Booru R34 Booru  General Booru Loli content is paywalled  Loli booru Furry booru. Free account needed in order to access loli.

Artist communities  Free account needed to access R34. Japanese site  Good source for non-R34 images and light R34 images.

Paywalled content archives Some of the boards serve as dumping for paywalled content Collection site of paywalled content.  Much more easily searched for specific content than F95. Sad panda side of e-hentai.  Need to Google search for browser-specific way to get past the sad panda.  Includes content blocked from the main site.

Bulk Downloaders
Bulk Image Downloader - Powerful, but paid software.  Regularly updated as target sites change.
Grabber  Free tool.  I don't use it, but some others do.

Image de-dupers
VisiPics - Good for bulk deduping. 
AwesomeDuplicateFinder - Better at finding dups than VisiPics, but no bulk removal mode.

File type Converter
XnConvert Bulk conversion to WEBP.

BK tagging/file name tool
Tagging Tool v2.8 + BK.ini generator An essential tool for creating your own girlpacks.
Mega link for all my Brothel King girl packs:

Mega link for my loli packs:


Should there also be a link to the image tagging tool in this list?
My BK packs on MEGA:
Pack included: Sakura Futaba (Persona 5); Hilda (Hilda); Lotte Jansson (Little Witch Academia); Maka Albarn (Soul Eater); Marnie (Pokemon); Rayla (The Dragon Prince); Takagi (Teasing Master Takagi-san)


Quote from: MissingNumber on May 19, 2022, 12:17 PMShould there also be a link to the image tagging tool in this list?

It was already posted here.

LeorthaTopic starter

Quote from: vadi92 on May 19, 2022, 02:42 PMIt was already posted here.

Doesn't hurt to have it both places.   I've copied the information to my list above.
Mega link for all my Brothel King girl packs:

Mega link for my loli packs:


I would also add here

The site also has a decent collection of paywalled pics from artists that you might not find on due to their limited time access deals, or from artists that decided to completelly delete all their work, but that might had been archived beforehand by someone there.

Also, a few interesting art collections of specific characters, that could help you gather some base images at first, or find one great hidden one that you didn't find elsewhere yet.
I'm back... and i might be gone again lol.


How to add a custom trait to your girlpack

Someone on F95zone asked about how to add Trait King traits to a girl's _BK.ini
This can be done by adding an init_function in your _BK.ini - It doesn't have to be for a Trait King trait, you can add any kind of custom trait this way.

_BK.ini changes
In the BK.ini under [background story], add a unique name for a function that'll add the trait(s)

[background story]

init_function = "my_custom_init_function" ; Remember to change the name, must be unique

And under the header [cloning options], add the following to ensure that both original & clones of this girl will use that function:

[cloning options]

keep_init = True ; If True, clones will keep the same init function

Now your BK.ini tells the game to run a bit of custom code, so let's create a file with that code in it. Next to your _BK.ini, create a file called _events.rpy with any text editor, with the following content (edited as you see fit)

Code (Python) Select
init -2 python:

    def my_custom_init_function(girl): # Remember to change "my_custom_init_function" to something unique, identical to what's mentioned in your _BK.ini

    # This code is executed when your girl is being created (for her first appearance in the slavemarket or in the city)
    # The trait is added to whatever other traits she already spawns with

        global gold_traits, pos_traits, neg_traits
        global trait_dict

        # Start by defining your trait
        # If you just want to add a Trait King trait, you can copy it from /game/Mods/Trait King.rpy

        my_custom_trait = Trait("Idol", verb = "be an", effects=[Effect("change", "customers", 8, dice=True, scope="brothel"), Effect("boost", "job customer budget", 0.1, scales_with = "cust nb")], base_description = "She has lots of adoring fans.")

        try: # Plan A: If Trait King (or any other mod) is active and you're asking for a trait that's already in the dictionary

            girl.add_trait(trait_dict[], pos=1) # pos determines where in the girl's trait list the trait appears

        except: # This is Plan B if the above fails. It adds the trait to a category and dictionary before adding it to the girl

            # You can remove or comment out the line below if you want to add a unique trait that will not randomly appear on new generated girls
            gold_traits += [my_custom_trait] # change to gold_traits, pos_traits or neg_traits as desired

            trait_dict[] = my_custom_trait

            girl.add_trait(trait_dict[], pos=1)

My Girl Packs: [ link ] - Trait King mod: [ link ]


Some things i'm using:

Advance Renamer: - For bulk rename the files
Uniconverter (not freeware): - Sadly u must pay or pirate it. But usefull to convert GIF/MP4 vids to WEBM. There are online options, but have limits and don't want to bother with them.