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Girl Pack discussion thread

Started by Leortha, May 09, 2022, 09:45 PM

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kinda stupid question, but does anyone know if there are any packs around from the old website that didn't make it onto the spreadsheet for one reason or another? I'm searching for a specific character from a series and they're the only main character from their series that's missing from the sheet.

(specifically, I'm looking for Weiss Schnee from RWBY. Everyone else from team RWBY is there, but Weiss isn't which strikes me as a bit odd.)


there are probably a few that didn't make it into the spreadsheet but there just straight up wasn't a weiss pack made.  couldn't tell you why, she just ain't there.  most of the rwby packs are probably due for an update anyways so maybe someone'll pick that up?  i got too many packs on my plate at the moment to do it myself though


ah. Thanks for the info. I'd make a pack myself but a: I don't have the time, and b: I know nothing about making a girl pack for this game.


since i brought it up, i am actually a bit curious, what girls that already have packs do people think are in need of a newer, updated pack?  there's a ton that new packs could be made for, and i've got a few in my to-do already, but most of them don't really need it.  there's a steady stream of quality stuff for the Fate series but most of the popular fate girls wouldn't get much from a whole new pack.

Zero Two i think is a big one, quite a few KanColle girls would benefit, the big ones for me being Hamakaze and Suzuya, the Hololive EN gen 1 girls would definitely benefit other than Calli who i just made one for.  not sure if i'm gonna do Ina or Kiara, but definitely not doing Ame or Gura myself.  and i think there's a few packs on the list that no longer exist, like WA2000 isn't in Zakata's folder anymore along with a few others


I think for the really popular girls, the biggest steps forward for updates would be:
- Including more video content which wasn't considered when the pack was first made
- Including dialogue (doesn't have to be a complete personality, it could start with a few typical catchphrases)
- If she's from a voice-acted property, including (some of) her voice-acting
- Including events/substories that fit with her character

But I can understand that you might want to keep things simple. Then it really depends on how much more fan-art has been released since the last pack. So anything that has been relatively popular since packs were released.

Fate, Pokemon, Genshin Impact, KanColle & similar browser/mobile gatcha games. Those could all use regular updates every year or so.

Updated versions of Urusei Yatsura characters is going to be a no-brainer once the new anime is airing, but I think Leortha has that one covered.
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well, i was more curious about specific girls who don't already have fleshed out packs that people might want to see updated.  like, it's been 2 years since the largest Mash pack but i don't think a new Mash pack would be "better" so much as just "bigger" and the one we have is already over 1500 images but some pretty popular girls only have a C+ rating, and some packs might have an A+ rating but still feels a bit lacking in actual use. like, just as an example, i'm not super happy with my own Sasaki Saren pack but it's technically rated A+ by the tagging tool

i probably wouldn't be adding any of them onto my to-do list myself, again, mostly just curiosity about what packs people are interested in seeing.  can't say i have much interest in doing the more advanced _bk.ini stuff myself either but i definitely would be totally okay with someone else using my packs as the basis for ones with actual coded events.