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[Discussion] Chapter goals

Started by Goldo, Jul 25, 2022, 08:37 AM

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Personally I think the current chapter goals are about the right difficulty.


If there is a issue with balancing the goals, maybe tie them to the player-selected difficulty level.  Players who have selected the easy difficulties have indicated that they want an easier time.  Players who select the harder difficulty have indicated that they want more of a challenge.  So give each what they have shown that they want.
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I like playing with the goals amended to include "Have MAX girls of rank MAX" for every chapter. It makes the game slower, so it's obviously not for everybody, but it's something I enjoy.

Now there could be an option for player-selected difficulty called "Marathon", which - if selected - could add the above conditions to each chapter. It could also mitigate the "advance to chapter N+1 immediately after advancing to N" issue somewhat. Not completely, though: a player can prepare for this using the farm.


Guess I'm a little late to the discussion, but here's my thoughts about the goals:

  • I'm for one common set of goals. I think that will make it easier and less troublesome to keep things balanced in the long run.
    If you were to have different goals for different difficulties, you would have to balance and also maintain that balance for multiple sets of goals.
    Since it easier to earn money, etc. on lower difficulties, the same goals will still be easier to reach. A lot easier, if you compare the "Gigolo" to the "Brothel King" difficulty.
  • That's even more true since you said you don't want to corner players into specific playstyles - meaning the goals should be a common divider, meaningful in any case, whether it is between different difficulties - or even within the same difficulty, but between different playstyles.

Taking a look at the current goals, there are two kinds: money goals and girl goals.
I think the current girl goals are somewhat of a MIX of "have at least X girls" and "have at least X max-ranked girls".
What I mean is that the number X is more balanced around "have at least X girls" at the moment - but they actually need to be max rank. "Have 12 girls at maxrank" in the last chapter means you will almost always have to spend time waiting for the last one or two girls to catch up, while 10 girls already are at maxrank.

Personally, I recommend sticking with "have at least X max-ranked girls" but substantially reducing the amount. By reducing the girlcount you could
  • Accomodate players like me and neronero who prefer playing with a lower number of girls.
  • Still require that players have at least a few girls on max level. E.g.
       3 : [Goal("ranked", 2, 3)
        4 : [Goal("ranked", 3, 4)
        5 : [Goal("ranked", 3, 6)
        6 : [Goal("ranked", 4, 8 )
  • So e.g. with a 8-girl playstyle like neronero, you could still reach the last difficulty. If you play a more common playstyle, it still requires at least half of your girls to be max-rank, which is not trivial.

Finally, I think the most relevant goal is the gold cost. It's not only a good money-sink, but also a good indicator whether you can stem the increased upkeep costs of the higher tier brothel.
Also, you do get a lot of things with the new brothel - e.g. bedrooms, master rooms, larger capacity for common rooms like okiya, access to advanced furniture. I think it is only fair that you pay for that.
Last but not least, that kind of goal is not cornering into a certain playstyle - everyone is expected to earn more money later on, which is also reflected in item prices etc.

At the moment, I feel like the goals are "alternating". One goal is hard to reach (upgrade you girls to new maxrank, the required gold also increases substantially), followed by an easy goal (have a bit more girls at that same max-rank, and a bit more gold). Taking a closer look at the monetary goals:

bro_cost = {1 : 0, 2 : 1000, 3: 5000, 4 : 7500, 5 : 15000, 6 : 25000, 7 : 100000}

In percentages, the increase from 2 -> 3 is very high, while 3 -> 4 is very low . I think reducing level 3 to e.g. 3500 or 4000 would help even things out.

To be honest, I would have to play a game with my newly proposed "girl" goals before I can really provide feedback about the monetary goals. In the past, I felt the monetary goals only mattered for the first few chapters - then it were the girl goals that were harder to meet.

I think the biggest danger is advancing to a new chapter, without having enough girls to even pay the upkeep, sending you into a downward spiral you cannot escape.
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GoldoTopic starter

Thank you all for your input! I must say I tend to agree with most of Chris12's reasoning.

Although I'd like to add the option to configure custom goals as well, just not closely tied to difficulty level (for the reasons Chris12 mentioned). This could be used to create custom challenges for oneself, but the balancing would be kind of left to the player. This would have to be with achievements off (although there could be a specific achievement for finishing a game with custom goals).

People could then even suggest their own challenges on the forum for others to take up. Just an idea.
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IMO Be careful about making goals like "Complete X contracts". Regardless of playstyle, or how badly/well you are performing, a goal like that will always take a minimum of X months to complete. That is, it is tied almost exclusively to time, and the player has very little control over their ability to complete that whenever they are ready. You don't want to create too many situations where the only thing someone can do to make progress, is just sit and wait.

If it is just part of 1 chapter's progress, that is probably fine, but as a recurring + scaling objective, it can get pretty annoying (especially on lower difficulties where making money/training go by so quickly). On higher difficulties, furniture already serves as a time gate, because moving up a chapter tends to be a pretty major step, and you usually want to prepare as much as possible before pulling the trigger.